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Friday, October 23, 2009

U Wanna Be Shallit for Halloween?!... and the COOLIST Kids Gift!!!

My just 'teen' son is very creative musically, but over the last 5 years, when it comes to Halloween he really takes off!!! Last year he went as a '70's Ping Pong Player' with the headband and short shorts... it was perfect.  In 5th grade he went to the schools' 'Fall Festival' (Halloween) as an 'Old Woman' wearing my skirt (gutsy) and crocheted shawl and a wicked mask.  This year... Gene Shallit?!  How does he know Shallit anyway?  He says  from his friend and the internet.  There is a funny 'YouTube' video of Shallit pretending to be Shallit.  So we'll dye his 'hippie wig' (from another Halloween) black and so on... but what's really distinctive (ha ha) about Gene Shallit is his voice! He'll have to practice that.

Theeeeee Cooooooolist Gift for everybody including yourself!  My sons' friend ( not the Shallit friend) told him about designing your own shoe at the Converse website, where Mr. Converse started this "rubber shoe" company in 1908.  They give you the history of the company in ten year increments, for example from 1948 -1958 with the invention of Rock and Roll, and the NBA, came a style which included the high-top sneaker.
My son picked the style of the shoe, color of the tongue and laces, and had his name sewn on the side of the sneaker too.  i LOVE it!  Now of course his younger brother wants a pair too.  It runs about $70 including tax and shipping.
So start designing!... delivery is about 2 -4 weeks.

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