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Friday, October 2, 2009

Fresh Brewed Instant Coffee...an Oxymoron?!

Starbucks is selling instant coffee!  Isn't that an oxyMORON!  (a box of 12 brews for $9.95).  I guess they had to regroup to survive, with storefronts closing and Dunkin' Donuts opening in it's place...  It's difficult to justify paying $5 for a cup of coffee in this economy, and even if you can it's not PC.  Love my coffee, once a day, really strong, fresh ground each morning, Trader Joes' organic french roast, and only $11 a pound (...and it tastes better too).  That comes out to about $150 a month versus about $20, or $1,800 versus $240 a year.  Now that's hard to swallow. Even the instant stuff is more than mine.
 Oh what I could do with $1,500 more a year...  I might spend it on Carole Hochmans' sleepwear (I've been a fan for years), in particular this seasons supersoft, sexy, black nightgown, 'Midnight" lace chemise (Two Harts Modal Jersey 42", $78), which I purchased at Bloomingdales.  Love, Love, Love it...she combines comfort and style like no other...really!   It's made from 95% Modal ( a textile made from spun Beechwood cellulose) and 5% spandex.  I wish I had a dozen and could wear them around town too!  The absolute truth, how funny,  I just checked out 'HerRoom.com', and they describe it as,"wear this babydoll for sleepwear or day wear", ... so if you see it around town you'll know it's ME ... it could be you too.

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