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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Roses are Red, Violets are ... the Color of the Season

From nail polish to dresses, think VIOLET or PLUM this Fall.  This dress by Cloe' is particularly pretty because it's paired with red in the print and it just sings!  Variations of purple are everywhere this season from J. Crew to Barneys.

The other day I walked in for a pedicure and found a new O.P.I. color that I fell in love with in the bottle AND on my toes. The O.P.I. website has a great way to look at all their colors too.  The one I'm wearing is from the "Espana" collection, called 'Manicurist of Seville', and others (more purple) are 'Pamplona Purple', 'No Spain No Gain', and you can see how it looks on 'your' hand.

Last week, my friend and artist Carol told me about the website "Moo.com" for inexpensive (21.99 per 50 card pack), beautifully customized business cards, postcards, etc.  The best thing about it is that EVERY card can be a different image of your own (uploadable), or you can pick from their designs.  Their standard card stock is a heavier weight (16pt.) than other companies, printing is double sided, and you can go 'green' by ordering them on recycled paper.  I'm thinking Holiday cards too!

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