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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sweet Balance...

One thing I know about Halloween is that even my kids get candy OVERLOAD!  That nasceus feeling that goes with too much of a good thing.  Although my kid with the sweet tooth won't admit to the over indulgence.  It's just that I know because he's spending too much time in the bathroom on that spooky night. For this reason I don't like to make more 'sweet treats' but something to counter the sugar.  Sometimes I make chili, chicken noodle soup, or mac and cheese, and invite their neighborhood friends to join us.  This is the first year I won't be here with my kids on Halloween... Boo Hoo... so I hope you like one of my favorite recipes adapted from the "Martha Stewart Living Cookbook" for Mac and Cheese.  

        I was in Sephora the other day.  My favorite place for makeup.  They have a beautiful line of individual eyeshadows (embraced by celebs) from Illamasqua a UK company launched in 2008. "It's professional nightime makeup that's richly pigmented and long lasting".  Maybe you can wear it as she does in the extreme for Halloween, but then enjoy it this Fall for those special evenings out.  My favorite color is 'Intense', a Matte Dark Teal (not shown).

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