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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Not Harem Pants!

Harem pants are in again, but not like they were... now they come in ALL shapes and sizes. They're fun and comfy like pajamas! Go to 'ShopStyle.com' and type in 'harem pants'. You'll see Dior, Theory, Splendid, Central Park West Tristan, American Retro, Olivia Congo, and Basic, just to name a few, some more flattering than others. If you're not THAT adventurous, or you are, but you want this seasons basic bootleg pant, then check out this beautiful stretch pant from 'TAG Elements'. They feel GREAT! They have a nice weight to them, jean-like detailing, and they come low rise and high rise, in Black, Navy (dark, see photo) and Gray. I bought them at Lester's at full price $135, but now I see 'Lilysboutique.com' has them for $67.50. Though I'm not sure about availability. Chill is in the air, so enjoy your Fall shopping, and don't forget this seasons great 'Sweater Wraps'.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Next to Blueberries...

Next to blueberries, with it's healthy anti-oxidents, sandwiches are not just great food for lunch but for dinner as well. They can be cold, as in cold cuts; warm, as in grilled meat; or hot as in grilled panini. A good fresh bread is common to all! A french or italian (soft or hard) baguette, a ciabatta, etc. If it's a cold sandwich use the best cold cuts (I recommend Boar's Head) Honeyed Turkey or Buffalo Chicken, or use leftover chicken and pork. Instead of iceberg or romaine lettuce try baby greens or arugula. If tomatoes are out of season use sweet red peppers, sliced half sour pickles, or one of my favorites, tangy cole slaw on the sandwich. Always tell the deli guy to slice the cold cuts thin so when you put it on the bread (don't lay it flat) use a ribbon-like fold. Spread mayo (Hellmann's), honey mustard (we love Honeycup), or Thousand Island dressing. If you're inclined to make your own, like chipotle mayo, or dijon mustard with a little mayo and lemon juice, that's even better. Grill skinless chicken cutlets and grill the bread with a little olive oil. I grill into the early winter, everything tastes better and my kitchen stays cleaner too! If you have left over steak, or if you like steak but don't want to eat too much red meat a sandwich is a great way to eat it. You get your protein, carbs, and veggies too! I love goat cheese, but you can use other hard goat cheeses or cows milk cheeses, but don't buy it from the supermarket (they usually have freezer burn), go to Trader Joe's, or your local cheese store. Remember, if the ingredients are fresh, the recipe can be very simple and you will have a delicious meal! Oh, and serve it with soup if your man likes it hot!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

...On an Empty Stomach

I wish I had a dollar for every time my son (the one that at other times sweetly chants "Mama Lisha") said, "Be Quuuuiet Mom!"...which translated means, "You're buggin me"! Today this same 11 year old was suddenly writhing in pain in the car, suggesting I magically heliport him to the house only 5oo yards from the front door. I told him it might be gas pain which would pass sooner than we could land a copter in the driveway, but he insisted that he knew what gas pain WAS ("sharp like a knife Mom), and THIS was like someone punched him in the stomach. The tone in his yell was like that someone was ME! So we swoop into the house, he lands on the couch writhing one last dramatic time, manages to grab hold of the TV remote, fill the air with canned laughter, and not another sound comes out of this boy. Ahhhh... to be right and even better... the calm after the storm, I love it!
So today I promised to write about food, well fools can dream and today I am certainly dreaming of food on this day of atonement. I won't eat till sundown, but I can dream...I want you to know that I do love to cook but often don't have the time, like so many of us. As an artist I look at cooking as a creative outlet, and sometimes your audience loves it, aaaand other times not, but that's o.k. I also treat cooking in the same way I approach fashion. I mix it up! With cooking it's semi-home cooking, certain things (like produce) have to be really fresh while other things can come from a jar (delicious none the less). Great 'Shoes' or a great 'Bag' goes a long way to making an outfit too!
Good olive oil, and fresh ingredients are basic to good healthy cooking. If you're making chicken don't buy 'Perdue', spend a little more it's worth it! Get it from a butcher or a specialty market, not the supermarket unless it's Fairway or Stew Leonard's, etc.
When I'm looking for something new, simple and delicious I usually go to the 'foodnetwork.com' and look for the 'Barefoot Contessa' or 'Giada at Home'.
Last night I threw together grilled chicken and a simple pasta using fresh plum tomatos (last of the season) and broccoli from my local farm stand. Tune in tomorrow for the details, and my approach to making gourmet sandwiches, which are highly underrated.

Friday, September 25, 2009

In My Own Backyard

I can't seem to shake this 'black hole' thing. I'm thinking there can't be black holes or they would have swallowed up these people I saw on the news last night! The W.B.C. came all the way from Kansas to Long Island, more pointedly to the synagogue where they had the memorial service last night for murdered Yale student Annie Le. They said it was God's will that she was killed, she was marrying a Jew. Protest 'what' you might ask, protest people not like them, they are anti-almost everything with placards that read "God Hates Jews" and Obama is the Anti-Christ". I only wish a black hole could make its way to all those people with so much ignorance and hate, suck them in and spit them out to another galaxy where they are forced to live together, to survive without dark chocolate, aged balsamic vinegar, local tomatoes, lobster, blue cheese burgers on a brioche bun, Tzatziki, Moroccan honeyed lamb, steak fritte, gelato, champagne... Oh, I so wanted to write about food today but I'll save it for Monday. Anyway, this is the perfect time of the year to make a must see trip to NYC to see the "High Line" which opened in June. It's an old "EL" from the 30's (elevated train) turned into a beautiful park on Manhattan's lower west side (Meatpacking district). Take the family and picnic. Go to Chelsea Market and get delicious eats, then stroll on the walkway above the street with great views! Read all abut it on their beautifully designed official website "thehighline.org" .

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Facebook...To Face or not to Face?

I don't do much on Facebook, but once in a while it really stops me in my tracks! Yesterday I finally(after about a month) confirmed a friend from high school. I'm not really sure why I waited so long... but turns out he's a professional artist making beautiful glasswork!!! I had no idea... check out "weinbergglass.com". Anyway, maybe there really are 'black holes' since I didn't receive any comments on my 1st blog. Does anyone care, other than the scientists who live and breathe it. They say that your professional peers are the only ones who do care about your work. Is that enough?
I went to "Back to School Night" last night for my 6th grader and when I mentioned my sons name to a few of his teachers they seemed to draw a blank. Oh well, how long does it take them to know the kids, or is he that forgettable. Maybe that's a good thing at the beginning. Forgettable... No Way... not my son! Was my friend from high school forgettable too? Well we weren't CLOSE friends... but forgettable... not any more. Oh how I love to network, almost as much as cooking.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

From Laundry to Black Holes

Maybe today is the perfect day for a first entry. The TECH news of the day is that there may NOT be any "black holes" after all (for real)! So, I won't be writing this in a void of the real kind?! This blog is for women out there that are mothers and wives, who are are looking to enrich and enjoy their lives with talk about kids, food, friends, fashion, and even a step further in the realm of art, music, technology(not just your kids iTouch), politics (PTA to World), and finally my thoughts and tips that will give you something to THINK about when driving the kids endlessly around town. (Anyway check out technologyreview.com for the real story today on black holes. Even if you just glance at it, or send it into school with your child to his science teacher.)