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Friday, September 25, 2009

In My Own Backyard

I can't seem to shake this 'black hole' thing. I'm thinking there can't be black holes or they would have swallowed up these people I saw on the news last night! The W.B.C. came all the way from Kansas to Long Island, more pointedly to the synagogue where they had the memorial service last night for murdered Yale student Annie Le. They said it was God's will that she was killed, she was marrying a Jew. Protest 'what' you might ask, protest people not like them, they are anti-almost everything with placards that read "God Hates Jews" and Obama is the Anti-Christ". I only wish a black hole could make its way to all those people with so much ignorance and hate, suck them in and spit them out to another galaxy where they are forced to live together, to survive without dark chocolate, aged balsamic vinegar, local tomatoes, lobster, blue cheese burgers on a brioche bun, Tzatziki, Moroccan honeyed lamb, steak fritte, gelato, champagne... Oh, I so wanted to write about food today but I'll save it for Monday. Anyway, this is the perfect time of the year to make a must see trip to NYC to see the "High Line" which opened in June. It's an old "EL" from the 30's (elevated train) turned into a beautiful park on Manhattan's lower west side (Meatpacking district). Take the family and picnic. Go to Chelsea Market and get delicious eats, then stroll on the walkway above the street with great views! Read all abut it on their beautifully designed official website "thehighline.org" .


  1. Highline is great urban planning!

  2. i say send all these people to Iraq!!! They are pitiful freaks. So sad for our children to have to experience such hatred in the world.
    my friends son goes to Broolyn Tech. Left early to avoid the protesters.
    good luck with your blog