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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Next to Blueberries...

Next to blueberries, with it's healthy anti-oxidents, sandwiches are not just great food for lunch but for dinner as well. They can be cold, as in cold cuts; warm, as in grilled meat; or hot as in grilled panini. A good fresh bread is common to all! A french or italian (soft or hard) baguette, a ciabatta, etc. If it's a cold sandwich use the best cold cuts (I recommend Boar's Head) Honeyed Turkey or Buffalo Chicken, or use leftover chicken and pork. Instead of iceberg or romaine lettuce try baby greens or arugula. If tomatoes are out of season use sweet red peppers, sliced half sour pickles, or one of my favorites, tangy cole slaw on the sandwich. Always tell the deli guy to slice the cold cuts thin so when you put it on the bread (don't lay it flat) use a ribbon-like fold. Spread mayo (Hellmann's), honey mustard (we love Honeycup), or Thousand Island dressing. If you're inclined to make your own, like chipotle mayo, or dijon mustard with a little mayo and lemon juice, that's even better. Grill skinless chicken cutlets and grill the bread with a little olive oil. I grill into the early winter, everything tastes better and my kitchen stays cleaner too! If you have left over steak, or if you like steak but don't want to eat too much red meat a sandwich is a great way to eat it. You get your protein, carbs, and veggies too! I love goat cheese, but you can use other hard goat cheeses or cows milk cheeses, but don't buy it from the supermarket (they usually have freezer burn), go to Trader Joe's, or your local cheese store. Remember, if the ingredients are fresh, the recipe can be very simple and you will have a delicious meal! Oh, and serve it with soup if your man likes it hot!!!

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