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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Facebook...To Face or not to Face?

I don't do much on Facebook, but once in a while it really stops me in my tracks! Yesterday I finally(after about a month) confirmed a friend from high school. I'm not really sure why I waited so long... but turns out he's a professional artist making beautiful glasswork!!! I had no idea... check out "weinbergglass.com". Anyway, maybe there really are 'black holes' since I didn't receive any comments on my 1st blog. Does anyone care, other than the scientists who live and breathe it. They say that your professional peers are the only ones who do care about your work. Is that enough?
I went to "Back to School Night" last night for my 6th grader and when I mentioned my sons name to a few of his teachers they seemed to draw a blank. Oh well, how long does it take them to know the kids, or is he that forgettable. Maybe that's a good thing at the beginning. Forgettable... No Way... not my son! Was my friend from high school forgettable too? Well we weren't CLOSE friends... but forgettable... not any more. Oh how I love to network, almost as much as cooking.

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  1. wait to you go to HS parent teacher conferences and they still draw a blank. Have to check their grade book (daaaa) Could have stayed home.