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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

From Laundry to Black Holes

Maybe today is the perfect day for a first entry. The TECH news of the day is that there may NOT be any "black holes" after all (for real)! So, I won't be writing this in a void of the real kind?! This blog is for women out there that are mothers and wives, who are are looking to enrich and enjoy their lives with talk about kids, food, friends, fashion, and even a step further in the realm of art, music, technology(not just your kids iTouch), politics (PTA to World), and finally my thoughts and tips that will give you something to THINK about when driving the kids endlessly around town. (Anyway check out technologyreview.com for the real story today on black holes. Even if you just glance at it, or send it into school with your child to his science teacher.)

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