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Friday, October 9, 2009

Color Your World...

Today's blog is going to be brief with my husband and kids going on their hiking trip I promised to help my husband stuff all his hitech clothes and gear into the backpacks.  I don't believe how much all these 'wicking clothes' cost for the boys roughing-it weekend trip!
I remember the days when my kids were very young (just six years ago, WOW), and we bought black chalkboard paint for one of the kids' rooms.  Well, color your world because thanks to a blurb in 'House Beautiful' magazine I discovered Hudson Paint, hudsonpaint.com, and all 24 colors of chalkboard paint.   They have a beautiful website (an artists product) with customers decorating ideas on how to use these delicious paints like, 'supergirl periwinkle and superboy blue.

Another 'House Beautiful' find was a site for a great girls gift and the perfect party favor.  A classic children's toy in handcast pewter.  As they say on their site, "...Our pewter bubble wands take bubble blowing to a new level"!   Well, with the holidays right around the Fall corner, I ordered the 'Crown Bubble Wand" for my favorite girl princess.

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