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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Don't Miss... "Slash: Paper Under The Knife"!

You'll be looking at PAPER a whole new way when you see the cut, torn, burned, cut by lasers, and shredded paper works at The Museum of Arts and Design's (NYC) current show, "Slash: Paper Under the Knife", madmuseum.org. Bring the kids too, they'll love it! It's well worth it if you can linger, go down a few floors to see "Read My Pins: The Madeline Albright Collection" which contain over 200 pins the former Secretary of State wore to communicate or convey a message during her diplomatic meetings. "After Saddam Hussein's press referred to her as a serpent, Secretary Albright wore a golden snake brooch pinned to her suit for her next meeting on Iraq". Oh, the subtle power of women! The idea of using jewelry to communicate through a style and language of it's own is brilliant!
If you caught my blog Friday you'll remember that my husband and kids were climbing mountains this we
ekend, while I spent the time (well overdue) with my mother and sister in NYC... and what a great time we had, shopping, eating tapas, and struggling to find a taxi with the subways down (on a holiday weekend). Shame on you Ma
yor Bloomberg!
We headed down to SOHO after Columbus Circle to 'The Evolution Store' looking to buy a pony rug which I wanted to buy last year but held off (delayed gratification) and it was worth the wait, a great buy. It's a great shop especially during Halloween.

OK, so on to clothes shopping... we went to the giant

UNIQLO for high quality casual wear at remarkably low prices (cashmeres' a steal).

Looking for something more Unique (all arranged by color) then stop at 97 Spring Street, Un-Po-Me-La, where they had a wonderful selection of 'little black dresses', of which my sister took advantage as she has a few parties this fall. All this shopping stimulated our appetites so we stopped into 'Boqueria' (boquerianyc.com), for a tasty Tapas lunch, only to find that the chef at their 19th street location, Seamus Mullen, is competing in the second season of "The Next Iron Chef".
Our final and luxuriously aromatic stop was at the Israeli bath and body shop, Sabon, where I left with a Lemon Basil Souffle cream that I might just dive into as soon as I get home (yummy). Oh, how I miss living in the CITY!

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