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Friday, October 16, 2009

Girls Night Out with 'True Sake'!

Everything... food, ambience, and the company, was just RIGHT last night where I met my girlfriend for a 'girls night out' evening without the hubbies.  We landed at the sushi bar at NISEN, a beautiful modern japanese restaurant in Woodbury, NY.  It was Thursday which is typically 'singles night' here so they had a DJ playing some surprisingly soulful drums which we especially enjoyed.

 A bottle of sake (cold is the way to go) was recommended by our waiter.  As you can see we enjoyed it enough to order a second.  I took pictures as we spontaneously arranged a 'still life' all in primary colors.  It was not until this morning that I looked closely at the ice blue bottles' label, Banraku, and decided to research this sake for my blog.  What I found was "TRUE SAKE', America's First Sake Store, and the passioned story behind it. truesake.com  The founder, Beau Timken is South African, the sake Japanese, and the place San Francisco, (my town for 11 years and how sweet it was!!!)  As Timken puts it, "If a guy from Ohio can open the first truly dedicated sake store outside of Japan, then anybody can learn to appreciate this wonderful libation."

 This beautiful dress (or tunic style top) from 'Kar Ani', LA designer Ani Karapetian, karanila.com would be the perfect thing to wear out to Nisen, with the japanese 'Sumi style'  brush print.  I found this stunning dress in one of my favorite boutiques "Meringue Boutique', Dix Hills, NY,  soon to open a second near Fairway Market in Plainview meringueboutiques.com.
So "Domo Arigato", until Monday!

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