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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Aliens Have Landed... on Mt. Washington?

WAIT...  a month of planning, weeks of shopping for 'wicking winter clothes', daily weather checks, making hut reservations, buying the kids the RIGHT hiking boots, more weather checks, and the BEST they can do when they ALL finally reach the summit is this!... First lesson in photography guys: take MANY photos of your subject (film is cheap oh, but it's even better, it's digital... ) so if you're lucky enough there will be one good shot to remember that special moment.  Actually they did come home with a FEW good ones, but this one makes me chuckle every time I look!  About 5,000 feet up and I guess the altitude was more than the camera could handle!  Love you guys a lot!!!

 I REALLY enjoyed my weekend with my Mom and Sister hitting museums, eating, and shopping in NYC!  We ( mom too) bought these comfortable (they'll go with almost everything) 'Nine West' platforms at a new store "Shoe WOO' at 59th and Lex, where the mannequin in the window is adorned with a skirt made out of shoes.  An idea for a "Project Runway" challenge Heidi, what do you think?!'

Right next door is one of my favorites, 'Zara', a line of reasonably priced, beautiful  womens' clothes coming to us from Spain.  The store was packed and I bought a 'bag' and 'top'... tomorrow...

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