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Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Black Bag...

I'm always looking at bags and shoes, both fashion obsessions... and I don't like to pay too much because it's usually something for this season and not next (with some exceptions). This is the challenge... a bag I love that's not a black hole... where things (like car keys and makeup... important things) are not impossible to find. A 'satchel' or 'tote' style is best for me like this one I purchased for $99 in NYC at Zara's, it looks very similar to a 'Cole Haan' handbag, the 'Bailey Tote' for $378. The zipper detail is what makes it!  It is a little on the heavy side , but has both the arm (leather) and shoulder (chain) straps.

You may have noticed that I've been photographing my new shoes, bag, etc. on this beautiful pony skin rug. Two of my friends who saw it ( who are both not animal lovers), said 'it creaped them out'.  I love it!   I'm an animal lover too.  Well it's not real pony-horse hide, "pony hair " is the technical name used to describe a cow hide with the hair still attached (this is a highly regulated industry that ensures the humane treatment of cows). Usually they sell for about $700 (see similar at Williams Sonoma Home), but I bought this in NYC  at  'Evolution' for $399. They come in all different patterns, some in browns and others in black and white too.

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