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Thursday, October 8, 2009

$$$ Opposites Attract... and What about Pine Nuts!

If you and your spouse are fiscal opposites (friction city!) then this article, "Why Savers and Spenders Marry" from yesterdays' MSN Money is a great read, moneycentral.msn.com.  The study is encouraging though, bottom line, if you can work out the friction part (acceptance, and division of labor), you will live a more 'balanced' financial life.  I think it's that Darwinian thing!

This coming weekend is shaping up to be a fun-filled time in NYC with no kids or husband.  I don't remember the last time...  He's taking them (along with a friend and his son) on a 2 day overnight hike (hut to hut) on Mt. Washington, NH.  What am I CRAZY to let them go atop a mountain which has had the highest recorded winds anywhere in the world!!!  I'll be having my fair share of wine this weekend that's for sure.  My destination for wine... The Ten Bells on the Lower East side.  It's a small unpretentious place with not a grand, but offbeat wine list, written all over the chalkboard walls.  A casual place for eating Tapas and Charcuterie, sipping wine and intimate conversation.  Intimate, sounds like a place for lovers not a place for my mother, sister and I , but still this pub sounds inviting.

BREAKING NEWS (this morning)... my husband has been complaining of a bad taste in his mouth for days now.  Out of fear of something really serious going on he 'Googled' 'bad taste in mouth' and to his RELIEF  found hundreds of others blogging (since February 2009) on babyccinoblog.com about just the same thing, only to find it was caused by eating Asian Pine Nuts ( ours and many others were purchased at Trader Joe's ).  Scientifically documented in 2001, it can last for days and even weeks, and is not found in European 'pine nuts', only Asian.

On the flip side, one benefit is that he and others have lost weight from this because of the bitter after-taste everything tastes YUCK!   I ate them too, but no such reaction.   Boy could I use the loss of appetite!

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