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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day!... The Great Migration

Today is 'Blog Action Day', where over 7,000 are collectively blogging about "Climate Change", www.tonic.com.  Well, most believe that the destruction of forests are contributing to changes in climate,  but here's a story (CBS News thought important too) about how the loss of the forest is directly effecting the Mara River, the main artery of the African ecosystem right NOW!  There was a time when epic animal migrations were commonplace, but the only large animal migration left in the world is now threatened by drought.  From Serengheti to Masai Mara the 350 mile roundtrip year long migration of a million (give or take a few) Wildebeest need the Mara River which is at it's lowest level ever!  Why?  Forest is being desecrated for fuel ... No Forest, no River, no Wildebeest!  What's the solution... October 4th, 2009 "60 Minutes" aired a piece, 'The Last Migration', cbsnews.com.   My kids watched this piece too, and they saw the river's low water level,  it's imminence had an impact on them.  Thank you Robin Reid for your dedication to this problem.

Eco Friendly Fashion... Yesterday I wrote about Zara, the clothing company and their beautiful clothes.   I also wanted to include them today again because of their commitment to the 'environment and animal welfare', which can be seen on their website in a formally stated policy on both. zara.com

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