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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Day Plans!

Well parents, this may not be NEWS... you may already know tomorrow is probably going to be a 'Snow Day' here in the tri-state area, I don't think we'll miss out on this one... so, you can either 'wing it' with the kids, mine are tween and teen boys, so they might want to FB all day (NOT!)...  OR you can hope it will be nice enough that they can 'snowball it' outside for a while... OR you can plan a few things indoors, like... baking 'Apple Crisp',

play board games like Risk (big in my house now),

 watch 'cool stuff' on PBS's NOVA Online, shows like, "Extreme Ice", "Extreme Cave Diving",

 goto my favorite, 'StumbleUpon (see blog post Nov 10, 2009, "Turn Off TV... Turn On Stumbleupon"),

  watch your dog doing the breast stroke in the snow (shoot a DVD of  it,, so you can laugh about it later),

 play "PicassoHead"... 

Of course in between all this, you'll be cleaning up the kitchen on and off all day, skating with towels as you mop up the wet snow residue, refereeing the sibling fights...  and hopefully just one of these suggestions keeps you from tearing at your hair...  

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