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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In Deep!

We're 'IN DEEP' today with the heavy wet stuff falling this morning.  I went outside to put my big cooking pot on the backyard table to collect enough for making "Snow Ice Cream' later...
See the recipe for 'Snow Ice Cream', click on link to livingonadime.com

Jez (a boy), better know as Jezzy, my sweet Labradoodle

Introducing 'Jez'... Jez is the Australian nickname for Jeremy... you thought it was short for Jezebel, well so do most people, but he doesn't care what we call him as long as we do it sweetly!
Jez will be wanting out in the snow all day, pawing at the door no less than five times an hour.
I'll be taking lots of photos today of Jez and the kids... only problem is I have to buy myself a better camera... don't get me wrong I love my 'Canon PowerShot', it's so easy to throw in my bag, I take it everywhere.  
Here's the thing, I have a BFA in painting and photography, I had a wonderful career in 'Computer Graphics and SFX' for television, I used to have a fancy camera, but when I had my kids it was easier to just 'pack & go' with small and automatic.  Now that they're not babies anymore, and I'm writing this blog, which I love, I think I need to step it up with a more professional tool, Don't you?... any suggestions for a camera?
Also I've been painting again for the last four years and I need to photograph my paintings.

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