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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tiger in the House!

It's the Chinese New Year, and the year of the TIGER!

Sorry about the late posting, but the kids are on their 'winter break' this week and so am I... It's nice to wake up with sunlight peeking in, intead of the usual darkness at my 6:20am wakeup.  Now that we're back from skiing I thought I would take the kids into the city for some 'cultcha'.  My 6th grader is studying Chinese this year, and it's the Chinese New Year (which began Sunday, Feb 14th) and lasts 15 days, ending on the full moon.

I like to relate the cultural things we do when possible to something 'au courant'...
So we're planning to visit MOCA, this Thursday, at 215 Centre Street, NYC.  Every Thursday admission is free, thanks to Target.

These envelopes hold money and given for 'Good Luck'.

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