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Friday, February 26, 2010

'Pillow(s) Talk'

While carpooling yesterday in the driving rain, we passed through a lake in the middle of the road behind a caravan of cars crawling (a pun you'll get later) through WATER that had no where to go, when my 11 year old comedian son says to us, "Imagine we see Michael Phelps passing us!".  Well I thought I'd share that with you on this yet another "Snow Day".
On Monday, my husband and I were returning something at the Roosevelt Field Mall (poured that day too), and we popped into Anthropologie... I know I just wrote about them yesterday, but I can't help it, I love that store!
Anyway I've been looking for something for the above kids room, when I saw a GREAT pillow in the sale area, with an "as is" tag at 1/2 price.  Something just had to be sewn back in place... I could do that!
I don't like to shop for my boys rooms in kiddy stores or catalogues... it drives me crazy to see all that fantastic stuff for the girls and then the boys stuff is drab and boring!

A focal point for Aaron's room

Love this one, and there are other animals too!

They have five other designs, this one looks good in my powder room

I like decorating my home with 'accent pieces' I find slowly over time, that way it's more thought out and  special... with Aaron's room I wanted something for a while now, but had trouble finding the right piece until now.

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