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Monday, March 1, 2010

Green Design: Beetle Infested Wood to Recycled Guns

My son has been bringing home interesting tidbits from his science teacher about 'Going Green' and what reducing your ecological footprint means... so as the primary 'purchasing agent' of the family, everytime I buy a new article of clothing, pair of shoes, detergent, or anything for that matter, I'm trying to think about it  with a green sensibility... well, NOT easy at all, but I'm learning a lot, including some interesting trivia about the Vancouver Olympics.  An article I found written on treehugger.com, about the grandeur and elegance of 'Richmond Olympic Oval', the jewel in the crown, and this new building designed by a Canadian and American for the games is made out of beetle-infested wood!  WOW, that's soooo cool, even though it makes me want to scratch those beetles off me!  "The pine beetle has killed almost half the pine trees in British Columbia... The good news is that designers and contractors have come up with innovative ways to use the wood before it rots."
Image by B. Alter
Image by Fast+Epp

Which leads me to these great chairs that were created by a design student for Far Coast, (coke's new coffee brand) and used at the Olympic Village.  Oh No, you mean Ohno probably sat in in one of these... he's so cute!

beetle infested wood gives a blue cast to the wood

Ok, so how does London, where the 2012 Games are being held, TOP that one... well their Olympic Stadium, being built as we speak, is being made out of recycled guns and knives, melted down into scrap metal!... 52 tons that is...


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