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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Something For Me and For Him

It's hard to get myself out of Target for any less than $200 dollars per visit... between clothing, accessories, bedding, bath, food... One could be locked inside for weeks without a problem... only IMAC withdrawal for me... otherwise I'd be ok, in fact that's not a bad place to head for in a natural disaster, just search it on the 'WHERE' app on your phone (besides being fun to use), and hunker down.
Anyway, back to my purchase the other day... a few spring items I wanted to show you from Target...
Scarf $12.99, Belt $25, TShirt $10

My husband asked me to buy him a new bar soap, something other than the usual white Dove I usually buy for everyone in the family... I found this delicious NEW product at Target from Dove for men. The fragrance is great and it's subtle, not like those overpowering machismo scents I usually come across for men...
Body and face wash

Bar Soap

p.s. The kids love it too!

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