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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Grilling Sexism

Whenever we go to a summer party, and there are a bunch of men standing around 'the man chef' at the grill... they're telling grilling stories, a sort of macho, good-ol-boy thing... but wait, where is my husband in all this... nowhere to be found?... oh yea, there he is, discussing some science-y thing with anyone who will listen... all kidding aside, I DO find it fascinating (that's why we're happily married), but the reason he's not in on the 'grill conversation' is that he doesn't grill... I grill, I'm the chef, cook, and bottle washer in this family. So last night was an exception... I was exhausted from sleep deprivation, packing for Sedona, carpooling, etc., so he wanted to help out by grilling the chicken and pork for our 'Burrito Night'.  Great job honey!  I showed him how to test the meat for 'doneness' with the grilling tongs and more... something I'll get back to another day.
Chop everything into bite-size pieces
This is an old seasoning I had from Williams Sonoma which I used on the pork chops

The kids LOOOOVE 'Burrito Night'... especially since puberty has them eating like animals these days... speaking of animals... this one has better manners than my kids... see how patiently our dog waits... he's waiting for me to toss a few bites of meat in with his dry food, right Jezzy...

Jez is so sweet and gentle...

So as you may know,  I do a lot of shopping at Trader Joe's and last night's meal reflects that... pre-marinated chicken, 'Pollo Asada' (pretty good), 'Guacamole Kit' (delicious and perfectly convenient), and 3 minute microwave 'Organic Brown Rice' (very good), 'Fire Roasted Salsa' (great)...

Make it mild or hot however you like

I try to keep tortillas on hand for nights like this... most of the time I don't eat the tortilla (too many calories), but I make a platter with all the goodies on a bed of lettuce... Sooo yummy!

Would love to hear about your 'Burrito Night'... 

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