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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Celebrating Green!

I don't have to WEAR green on St. Patricks Day, because my eyes are green or some say hazel (of course my husband and kids have blue eyes)... and also my Irish girlfriend and former roomate deemed me 'Honorary Irish', after putting up with her antics for so many years... "just kidding" Mikie.
Green just happens to be my favorite color too... I hate when people ask, "What's your favorite" anything?... don't you?   I don't have a favorite song...  but I did sing "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling", in a trio once for some school thing, and I never forgot that experience or every word of the song to this day! 
Maybe that's where my long and unfulfilled fantasy of becoming a Jazz singer began... although I did have a friend who was a Jazz singer and she taught me to sing the Billie Holiday classic "Am I Blue", just to prove to myself I could...

Ok, so today I should be singing..."Am I GREEN"...
NEWS FLASH... there is actually a severe shortage of clovers reported from Ireland this year due to the severe weather this winter... so there is less green for this year's St. Patrick's Day.

I say let's enlist the CGI (computer generated imaging) people to make as many 3D Clovers as possible.

... or just go to Michaels for some "Shamrock Sprinkle Mix", yes it's edible and Kosher too!

Although Deb Perelman whose wonderfully delicious (and beautifully photographed) blog "Smitten Kitchen" modestly calls this  'American soda bread'...  I recommend anything she makes... I could go on and on about her recipes, ( and especially her posts about Italian chef extraordinaire Marcella Hazan) but I must 'green up' now for the day, so just visit her site when you can...
and Happy St. Paddy's Day!    

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  1. Hi just popping in from SITS to say hello and off to read more of your GREAT blog I have a lot of catching up to do!!!