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Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Memorable Grill Night

It's hit and miss at our local fish market... by that I mean the freshness of these sea creatures... but when it's fresh, good thoughts about that meal can last for days, as it did the other night when I grilled Halibut for dinner.  I like to work off a recipe, even if I don't happen to have all the ingredients... unless I'm missing key things, I can usually substitute and just wing it... it's not about perfection for me.  If you feel too much pressure cooking for your family, then the enjoyment is lost.  Take Grilled Halibut in Lemon Mustard Tarragon for example... I didn't have tarragon, so I substituted thyme instead... and it was delicious!  Also I  had regular dijon mustard, but used a slightly different dijon mustard from Trader Joe's called 'Aioli Garlic Mustard Sauce'...

reserved some of the marinade, warmed it and drizzled on to serve

sugar snap peas, corn, and carrots

I only had a little brown rice...

... so I also made frozen tandoori naan

These are the nights, when everything comes together so nicely, that I think... 'why isn't it this effortless when I'm having guests for dinner?'.  Of course... it's called pressure, and the stress of it prevents things from going more smoothly.
Please share your favorite family dinner menu with us...

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