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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Magical Photo Tools!

It takes only a few minutes to do, but you could spend days having fun with these websites!

My sister wants me to design a Tee for my nephew with a skatboarding theme, so last night while I was doing research on the web I came across two very COOOOL websites that both take your digital photos and create something NEW with them and they're FREE!... and what you do with the final image is your choice... with many options for output media.

Something that computers do VERY WELL... is taking lots of information, in this case your digital photos, hundreds if you like, and instantly make a collage in almost any shape you can think of...
I made these two shapes very quickly with some of the photos I've taken for my blog... but a theme like one of your kids, your dog,a family trip, etc. would be very visually strong...

Make it with 50 or 250 photos

So many shapes including letters and numbers, or something you draw

The other website I found is PhotFunia, it's a photo editing tool, a little gimmicky, but so much FUN!!!
 "Upload any photo and just wait to see the magic."

This photo of my son became...

This...  in one click!

My other son when he was in elementary school

Some of the effects are animated too...
Send them as gifts to friends and family... they'll love it!

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