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Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Madness!

Imagine the frustration and MADNESS of about one million (out of 3.1 million viewers) Long Islanders including myself, who had the red carpet pulled out from under their feet, unable to watch the ABC7 coverage of the Oscars last night... it's a REALLY scary thought!  My personal madness began earlier in the day when my husband promised to take the kids to see the 5pm showing of Alice in Wonderland... I was already worried that Cablevision was not going to settle their dispute with ABC by 8pm, and the pressure to find a way to watch on the internet (NOT happening), eat dinner, clean up and be ready for one of my favorite TV events of the year!  I didn't want to barge in either on my neighbors who had FIOS (and were sitting pretty), but it was tempting... By the time I missed the Red Carpet my blood was boiling, I was alternately on the phone commiserating with my equally CRAZED girlfriend, and on hold with Cablevision poised to let my frustration out to the already verbally beaten down employee on the other end of the line when... when he says to me at about 8:38 in this eerily calm tone... "are you in front of your TV", yes I replied, "then go to 707", ok I said, "what do you see", OMG!!!...  it was the Oscars, I was speechless just like some of the award recipients...  in fact it felt like I had won too!
Some of my favorites gowns of the night...

Beautiful this year... and I love you Jeff Bridges, and always have...

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