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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pothole Garden!

While you're cursing every pothole (which right now are quite numerous), your car and your butt must endure this time of year, think about this... artist Pete Dungey's pothole garden installations in England...

My first thought is 'How Sweet', my second thought (being one who loves to garden), is who is going to water them... then I remember it's England!

Speaking of gardening, I may have to consider growing my own tomatoes this summer, since the word is that there will be a shortage due to the cold Florida winter they've had, and since I'm just slightly obsessed with finding the perfect tomato...

Remember this... firm for salads... soft for cooking...
And if you're not into growing them yourself, buy tomatoes from your local farmstand... they taste better and local growers need your support.

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