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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Discovering Snowshoeing

I used to ski, my husband skis, my kids board, but I don't love skiing the northeast much anymore... so my friend Cori, who lives on the mountain during the winter weekends, has some women friends who go snowshoeing together and she arranged to have me go with them for a hike.  I wanted a good workout while the others were doing their thing, so I accepted.  I 'power walk' everyday at home, so I hoped I could keep up with them, but was a little nervous since I wasn't sure how strenuous it would be... Well I was fine, I stayed in the back of the pack, everyone was very supportive, and it was really fun and a great cardio workout ( about an hour and a half) too... now I'm hooked, thanks to my friend Cori, and I'm ready to buy my own snowshoes, and my husband, the hiker, who was jealous that he wasn't going too, now plans to go with me the next time while the kids are doing their thing.  If you're interested in trying it out most of the ski resorts rent them out (with poles of course)...  at Windham, where we were, they were only $20 for the day.

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