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Friday, February 5, 2010

A Decadent Valentine Sunday!

Start off the morning (next Sunday), Valentine's Sunday , or any Sunday for that matter, with "Baked Eggs in Bread Bowl"  from the Noble Pig...
Just imagine how delish when the yolk seeps into the bread!

It's a fancy version of 'Rocky Mountain Eggs', which I often make for the kids... you know, the one you learned from camping (ha ha), where you make a hole in the bread and fry it in the pan with an egg sitting in the hole, then flip it 'over easy', so when you cut into the bread out comes the yolk... Mmmmm Yummy!

Ok, so either apre'  the eggs... hey, dessert should be anytime, on Valentine's Day... or if it's just too rich, and you're feeling those arteries cloogging with each bite, then wait until later that evening when you must have the BEST (and EASIEST) 'chocolate mousse', from Thomas Kellers' book "Bouchon", on epicurious.com...

...or the French serve it scooped out on a plate from a big bowl

Now what will you be wearing when you serve this 'love potion' to the man in your life...
How about "Nightcap's Garter Leggings... Subtle, sexy, and easy", from shopbop.com.  What I love about their website is that when you go to the photos on 'Trend Report: Spring 2010', you can see how to put these beautiful 'looks' together, so even if the pieces are too pricey for your budget, you'll be inspired.

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