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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yearning for Soft

Felix and Oscar, Noah and Aaron, my kids (almost 14 and almost 12) in many ways parallel this 1970's sitcom, "The Odd Couple", about two divorced men who share the same apartment, Felix the neat freak, and Oscar the slob... only without the laugh track!  There's more to it than that, their teen and tween manner can run from caustic to yielding... right now the former more often prevails.

The testosterone soaked sibling rivalry often makes me yearn for a softer feminine (sometimes bitchy) energy...  of course my friends with girls may heartily disagree.

 "Opposites attract"... do they REALLY, "this spring as unexpected pairings rule the runway"... "Color palettes range from khaki earth tones to to vivid citrus colors...", says Bloomingdales Fashion Report. My yearning for feminine soft, leads me to these beautiful pieces from Anthropologie...

Even prettier in person, pair it with jeans

How do you deal with sibling rivalry in your house?


  1. I let them fight it out, Haha. They are 7 years apart, and the 2 yr old can give it as good as he gets it, and sometimes better, from the 10 yr old. Makes life lively, eh?

    And I agree that the scarf looks SO soft. I could get lost in that.

  2. It is such fun to find something that reminds you that you are not just a mom, but a girl too.

  3. As the only girl in our household I know exactly what you mean! Sometimes you just have to give in to the need for soft, frilly, girly things. I love Anthropologie too - that scarf is just gorgeous!

    Happy SITS day!

  4. I say let them fight. I always held off fighting my younger sister and I really think it would have been better for both of us if I just clocked her a few times LOL!

  5. I yell loudest still at my house so I win the fights!
    I think everyone should wear a scarf like that in their lifetime.

  6. I'm craving soft, too - a little yin with my yang, please!

    Wonderful blog!

  7. I love Anthropologie and your picks here are beautiful. I crave soft, comfy and artsy. As far as sibling rivalry, we try our best to let them work a few things out on their, be fair, and discourage meanness.