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Friday, February 19, 2010

Olympic Shopping!

I was shopping in NYC yesterday with my mother and 13 year old son at 'lululemon', where I indulged in their yoga inspired athletic clothing, which most fashion conscious would be proud to wear on the street anytime. Little did I know until this morning, that they originated in Vancouver and that their founder Chip Wilson, ran with the olympic torch for these Olympic Games...

Vancouver store, open 24 hours during the Olympics!

It was my husbands idea to go shopping there for him... sooooo I also picked up a few things for me and our son also, while grandma cheered us on... olympic shopping of sorts!

I bought some tanks and socks too... Of course you can't tell from the pictures, but the fabrics feel wonderful, and the cut is great.  These pieces will be great to take on our trip to Sedona this spring... lightweight and good for layering as the days will be warm and the nights drop about 20 degrees that time of the year.


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