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Thursday, February 11, 2010

SRIRACHA - Hot Sauce of the Moment!

I thought "Cholula" was 'IT', well it was in our house until we discovered 'Sriracha'...  Bon Appetit magazine called it "Ingredient of the year" and said, "This addictive spicy chili sauce is everywhere..."
The kids had a 'Snow Day' so I planned to make Pulled Pork and Apple Crisp in between shoveling, pulling clumps of snow out of my Labradoodles locks, and just enjoying a relaxing day off... and yet they have another one today...  I think they're pushing it!
When I mixed the Sriracha chili sauce with rice vinegar, it brought me back to my childhood, where my southern father made 'North Carolina' barbecued pork on a bun with coleslaw often... dry and hot none of the wet stuff.

Pork Butt

Browned with olive oil and kosher salt

Sriracha mixed with Japanese rice vinegar

Kenmore Crock Pot from Sears

Coated with Sriracha marinade, cooked on 'Low' for 7-8 hours

Pulled Pork

Plated with brown rice and roasted jalapeno, slushy slaw, & chopped guacamole

I put a little of the straight hot sauce in a bowl for dipping, for the brave in my family.  Nobody wanted to eat the pulled pork on a bun... BooHoo, but we enjoyed every bit of it anyway and there's leftovers for our second 'Snow Day'! 

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