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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Heart Sick

For those of you not glued to your TV these past few weeks watching the Vancouver Winter Olympics, you may have missed the tragic headline surrounding the women's figure skating competition.  Canadian figure skater Joannie Rochette's mother, age 55, died of a sudden heart attack, this past Sunday while in Vancouver, awaiting her daughters skating competition.

Rochette skates last night...

Rochette on her way to a Bronze Medal

                                                                   NBC Olympics

This brings me to the subject of heart health, in particular women's heart health, this being 'American Heart Month'... it's important to note that women can have different heart disease symptoms than men.  Start taking care of your heart early, eating healthy, and keeping your blood pressure within the normal range.
NEWS FLASH... It was reported that 1 in 3 Americans have hypertension, and some may not even realize they have it!  Yesterday in the LA Times, and across the country it was reported that a Federal Panel is sounding the alarm on this national emergency.

To my friends and blog readers...  I wish you good health!!!

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