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Monday, December 21, 2009

Blizzard... and 'Snow Ice Cream'

Parts of Long Island, where I live, got hit hard with Saturday nights' Blizzard!  We have about 11/2 feet of snow, powdery snow, NOT the heavy icy kind that glistens on the tree branches and usually shuts down ALL communication... but this storm did present other problems as we discovered on our family neighborhood walk with the dog.  As we shuffled down one hill with a van next to us we saw a car sliding backwards (not 4 wheel drive), trying to make it's way up the next hill only to trap both vehicles in a valley between two hills.  The van turned around trying to climb back from where he came only to face the same fate as the car. There was nothing we could do... so the kids took a run with their boards and then we scurried home to make 'Snow Ice Cream'.   I  found a 'How To' video with the same recipe as I grew up with from livingonadime.com.  What's special (and thrilling when I was a child) is that the ice cream can only be made in a small window of time... at the time of fresh virgin snow!  Celebrate the shortest day of the year with this 'sweet dessert' and make it a winter tradition.  You can make the recipe with cream, milk (any percent) depending on your preference.
You can top it with fresh fruit too... Enjoy!  If you have a 'snow ice cream' recipe please share it with us.

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  1. OMG I thought we were the only ones that made Snow Cream when I was a kid! Thanks so much for sharing this.