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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

CIRCLES... Kandinsky, The Guggenheim, and a Knitted Snood!

Vasily Kandinsky, "Several Circles", 1926


                 Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
In today's NY Times article by Natalie Angier, she says that the painter Kandinsky had a "growing love affair with the circle"... how 'perfectly circular' that the Guggenheim, now celebrating it's 50th Anniversary year was inspired by Kandinsky in the design and building of the circular museum... the show runs from September 18 - January, 2010. If you take the kids, my experience is that (the young ones especially) love walking the circular ramp even if they lose interest in the exhibit.

                                                                     Missoni Couture
Hold that circular thought... as New York Magazine would show in their 'Matrix',  Kandinsky would be 'Highbrow Brilliant' and this would be 'Lowbrow Brilliant'... a chunky soft knitted Snood from ASOS for only $30 (plus delivery), or just Google 'Snoods'... How about one for your dog too!...

                                                         Dog Snood from 'Esty', $30

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  1. Love the snood. This season's best accessory!!! Add color and warmth all at the same time.