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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ping Pong... Innovation!

The product description says that"Ping Pong is back with a vengence", well you don't have to tell me that, because it lives with a vengence in my house... my 13 year old was ready to give up tennis (after years of le$$ons) at one point to "dedicate his life to Ping Pong"!  One Halloween he even dressed up as a '70's Ping Pong Player'... he had the whole thing down...  headband, short shorts, tight t-shirt, high white socks!  We have family tournaments (which sometimes go south), and he not only challenges his father, but any father or older child wherever we go.  
When we have get-togethers with other families, it's something that can be played by everyone.  I love it too... This racquet innovation in Table Tennis (ping pong) makes a great last minute Christmas gift or for a birthday.  Of course if you don't have a Table Tennis table you can purchase one Amazon.com any where from $300 - $500.

Just wanted to say a few things about 'holiday tipping'... make it personal with a hand written card or note, that makes the gift appreciative and not obligatory. Tipping is personal and flexible depending on your budget and your relationship with the individual.  Emily Post is still the go-to on 'Tipping Etiquette' or if you would like dollar amount guidelines MSN has suggestions for cutting back in a tight year.


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