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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Men Gifts... and Boys Too!

                                           Martin + Osa
Classic with a twist... this beautiful wool blazer in navy will look great with jeans... "An updated classic with modern utility detailing"on sale for $209.95... Free Shipping and Free return (this is key)!

                                           Martin+ Osa
This is also a great look with the chest zip pocket for the same price, and while you're on the website take a look at the 'womens clothing' too...

                                   Calvin Klein Micro Boxer
My husband bought these lusciously soft microfiber boxers (in black) just for lounging, and then we found that they were migrating into the kids rooms, being worn as sleepwear with or without a T-shirt (depending on the kid)... so I ended up buying them each a pair (at $26, ouch!) in a ''small'.  They were such a big hit in my house that I found my 11 year old wearing them as underwear to school after sleeping in them!

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