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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hi-Tech Withdrawal Turns to Low-Tech Entertainment!


Two days ago (on a school night) we lost ALL of our home media for the entire day and night (Cablevision's phone, internet, and TV), and so did the entire neighborhood, except for one Fios subscriber next door... Aaaahhh!  My son had online homework so he went next door to work, thanks guys.  Everyone was calling.... one neighbor was so upset she hung up on a Cablevision employee, another neighbor who has been working from home due to an injury, said he wanted to throw the computer against the wall he was so incensed. ( Hey, I still had my new Droid phone with WiFi internet and games).  Once we all got over the initial shock and cranky disbelief, especially the kids, we were reminiscing about how we used to have 'Game Night' on Fridays, when we'd play Monopoly and Scrabble together.  In the end, Solitaire, (on my phone) saved the day for my 11 year old and I (who are addicted anyway), my 13 year old played his electric guitar (his passion), and my husband read a magazine, the old fashion way... on paper.

                        United Bamboo at Syle.com
Once I started reminiscing about my boys and when they were little, I went back even further to my childhood... and how my mother would dress me for school in beautiful dresses and flowers in my hair... Well this spring, 'United Bamboo' is showing soft flower inspired pieces with 'a sense of childhood innocence'.  On the 'Style.com' website (one of my favorites), designer Thuy Pham said, "I had flowers on my mind", with "organic (as opposed to geometric) origami construction". I hope this trickles down to ready-to-wear!

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