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Friday, December 18, 2009

Parenting... A Frustrating Morning!

This One...

...or This One!

I usually pride myself on being on time, but One thing messes me up, (my son forgot a book he needed at school today), I drove it to school and my morning routine is out the window... life with kids (tweens), hence I'm soooo late posting my blog today... WOW, I don't believe it, JUST NOW my other son called because he needs his 'flash drive' brought to school by 8th period!!!  Am I crazy to being doing this?  Should I say 'tough kiddo' learn the hard way?  Am I a sucker or is this just what we do as Moms?  Would you?...

I don't think I overindulge them materialistically, but what about emotionally... If I protect them from failure how will they learn... and will they build coping skills so they won't become stressed kids, and later stressed adults?  I want them to succeed and be happy but I also want to raise a child of character!
Here's a good article by Dr. Dan Kindlon, "Why Parents Indulge".

Gotta go!...  that same drive is driving me CRAZY... between morning Clubs, Jazz Band, Math Olympiads, Oh, and schlepping the forgotten things, I've worn out the road and my patience too.  Things could be a lot worse, I know...

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