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Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's Brilliant... a Parent's Dream!

A secret since September?... Usually I'm pretty informed about school stuff, but yesterday...
I feel like I struck GOLD after my neighbor went to a PTA Council meeting, and told me the big BUZZ at the meeting is that our library website, hhhlbrary.org, offers FREE 'Live Tutoring' 7 days a week from 2pm - 11pm for K- early college, GED and ESL!  All you have to have is a 'Suffolk County Public Library Card', click on the icon for 'Suffolk Homework Help', plug in your number, pick the subject (Science, Math, Social Studies, and English) and a few parameters, and Voila' LIVE help from a real certified tutor (that's GOLD because we know what the hourly for a tutor is these days, right?!).  It's not only for homework, but it's a WRITING CENTER for help with essays, and resume writing too.
I know this will alleviate the sometimes math homework stresses that occur between my husband and my 13 year old Honors Math Student...

 'Suffolk Homework Help' is a consortium of Suffolk County Libraries of which we are a part, who subscribe to 'Tutors.com', founded in 1998, by Founder and CEO, George Cigale.  Hip Hip Hooray George!!!  Thanks Half Hollow Hills.  If you've tried it please share your experience with us and comment below... Thanks.

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