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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lost & Chewed Gloves!

While my kids are in tennis lessons I often spend time at the 'Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth Outlet' at Tanger.  This season I needed another pair of leather driving gloves... because last year I bought a beautiful pair and my dog got a hold of one (from my handbag) and chewed up the the top edge and one finger!  So this year I swore I would do EVERYTHING to protect this new pair from (Michael Kors, originally $120/ Saks Outlet for $54/ Bluefly $72) him.  Well, the leather must speak to him because they were in my suitcase, still unpacked from skiing, he lifted the top of the suitcase and found them under some clothes... and surprise, he chewed just one in the same place as last years' glove minus the finger!  I pride myself with how I take care of things, and I love my dog, but this is crazy... more training I guess...   So now I still wear the gloves with determination, and tuck the one glove in under my coat sleeve. Shhh, don't tell anyone!  Would love to hear your 'pet/glove' stories...

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