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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Art Meets Tennis

I'll be spending my birthday at the US Open today.  All of my friends that are going with me have kids who play tennis and they will be thrilled to spend this hot hot day at Arthur Ashe Stadium as well as all the side venues.  Spotting famous players will be a thrill for them!  Spotting Michael Kimmelman, art critic for the New York Times, would be my thrill.  As an artist, meeting him would be a highlight to my day.  Although he may be not be considered a celebrity to most, I read his work and I'm very excited to see this kind of cross-pollination from the Times.  Yes, he will be there with Gerald Marzorati, editor of the New York Times Magazine and big tennis fan, and they'll be blogging about the US Open... called "Straight Sets".
The first time I ever saw this kind of cross-pollination was many years ago when Gene Siskel, movie critic, was interviewed on TV about the Olympics... so go guys!

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