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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

An Obsession

This is what I'm obsessed with... and what you don't see is what I'm really obsessed with...

Never refrigerate your tomatoes or avocados!

... for the last three days especially, for a late breakfast, lunch and dinner I've eaten local Beefsteak Tomatoes... the biggest, firmest, sweetest I could find at a local farm stand, White Post Farm.
The heirloom tomatoes here, or what's left of them I buy from TJs or Fairway... wish I had the time to travel into the city to the Union Square Greenmarket for the best.

photographed this morning in natural light

... for lunch I eat them on crostini (small toasted bread from Fairway) sliced with some kind of wonderful sheeps milk cheese... for dinner I serve them as a side, the Beefsteaks sliced thick with red onions, and sometimes (for the kids especially) with mozzerella, and fresh basil when I have it... dressed with good olive oil and good balsamic vinegar... "ingredients, ingredients, ingredients"!
Actually there's a great quote about ingredients I heard last night while watching a must-see episode of the Travel Channels show, Anthony Bourdains: No Reservations, "Next Up: Rome", ... you'll be thoroughly entertained and understand the "mindset of the Roman people"... simple life... fresh ingredients!

A tomato rule to follow... firm (even hard) for slicing... soft for cooking.

This issue of New York Magazines' article "The Great Tomato Hunt", rates the top 15 heirloom tomatoes and the farms they come from... 

These are the top 4 heirlooms 

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