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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Across Generations

Mom and kids at a Phish concert, Jones Beach amphitheater...
Tuesday night at 8:00pm there was no more countdown, the long awaited moment all summer was finally here, my 14 year old son, his friend and I were sitting in a naked stadium theater, inexperienced Phish fans that we are, waiting... at a little past 6:30 for a 7:30 concert, which if you're in the know you know rarely starts on time.  They had their concert T-shirts, food in their bellies (which is like filling your gas tank, every hour of everyday throughout puberty), photos to prove we were there (which I already proved by the big dent in the credit card), and then it was just about the wait... tick, tick, tick...
6:30pm... the blonde is mine
just about to start
What most of us were seeing on our phone cameras
Building to a crescendo

Everyone was dripping in sweat from the humidity in the air, but mine was MORE than that...  but how many woman would admit to having a 'hot flash' at a rock concert!... maybe it's this... how many women who have 'hot flashes' go to rock concerts!!!... 

My generation likes Phish because there are 60's influences in their music... they're noted for musical improvisation and extended jams... their music blends genres... with rock, jazz, funk, folk, blues, and classical mixing.  My son who plays guitar is exploring many genres of music himself...

The concert was just great with an explosive light show

Last year he went to see Phish with his dad, so now we're set for awhile... in October we;re planning to see Pat Metheny... hopefully I'll be finished with the hot flashes... probably  NOT!

We got home at 1am... way past my bedtime!

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