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Friday, August 20, 2010

The Ice Queen Cometh!

Imagine boasting to own the title of "The Ice Queen"... there are plenty of ice queens... I happen to know a few myself... but none that deserve the title more than Dominique Colell from California who carves ice with a chainsaw while donning a white gown in the sub-zero temps of Alaska!  She and her 70-year-old Dad make up 'Team Ice Queens' carving a 50-foot Eiffel Tower...

... competing against 3 other teams including 'Team Texas', a few Bad boys from the Lone Star state carving a delicate spider and scorpion sculpture... the show "Chainsaw Ice Sculptures:Challenge Alaska" airs this Monday on TLC at 10:00pm...

It's fast-paced, it's dangerous... the perfect formula for a show my kids will watch... a great family activity.
Let me know what you think on Monday... leave a comment below.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. If she entered the Miss America pageant, this would be a new kind of talent, correctamundo? Better than Gracie Lou Freebush in Miss Congeniality. SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did!

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