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Friday, August 13, 2010

The Digital Bookmobile Came To Town!

A Pleasant Surprise...
Yesterday, my 14 year old son and I just happened upon an eBook 'eVent' at our Long Island, NY library... it's hard to miss an 18 wheeler in the parking lot...

Download digital books, audiobooks, video and music... This FREE download service is available through the library website 24/7... and all you need is a PC, MAC, and many mobile devices too (i.e. Sony Reader, Apple iPod iTouch, MP3, etc.)...

Inside the Bookmobile

 All you do is Browse, Check Out, and Download...  so easy... To learn more about it and to check out the digital collection go to www.suffolkwave.org or go to the library website and look for 'Digital Bookmobile'... Millions of people are already using digital readers!

My only disappointment is that music and video are not available on MACs and it also doesn't work with The Kindle because the books are purchased from Amazon.

So parents, before school starts, now is a good time to check it out... oh, and many libraries throughout the country support this same service so ask at your library.

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