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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

When is a 'K' Just 'OK'?

Lately, in speaking with my friends who have 'texting' age kids, I've noticed a common frustration about miscommunication and interpretation.  Many times It's hard enough to communicate with your kids, especially teens, then try to interpret what they mean in minimal texts!  My girlfriend got a text from her son with instructions to bring something to him today, as they were going to be traveling a lomg distance to see him... there were a couple of ways to interpret what he said, but he wouldn't answer his phone and wouldn't reply to the second text from her trying to clarify the firrst (are you still with me?)... frustrating as all hell!
Also yesterday I texted my 14 year old, who is at a Jazz Camp this summer for 2 weeks ending this weekend, about his High School schedule that I had just received in the mail... I thought he would be excited to know that one of his good friends had a few classes with him and a few of the same teachers... SOoooo, I get this text back...         k       ....... whoopee, now does that mean, ok I got your text... or does that mean, ok, that's fine... or Mom, I don't really care cause it's still summer and I don't really want to think about school right now (which I can hardly blame him, neither do I)!

When you're face to face with someone in conversation you have facial expressions, body language, voice intonation... there are many cues to read from and interpret, but texting and minimal texting it's much tougher to understand.  Don't get me wrong there are many things I like about texting, but mixing teenagers and texting that's a tough one!... and if they want to keep you, their parents, at a distance, it's much easier to do with a text.... besides, THEY DONT ANSWER THE PHONE WHEN YOU CALL THEM, right parents!?

Please comment below and share your frustrations, ideas, or solutions... we'd love to hear.

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