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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Double Rainbow

I can't remember the last time I saw a giant rainbow across the sky...  The droplets of rain and the sun present in the sky together in just the right way.  It happened the other night when my son and I had just finished dining at Chipoltle (our fav and only fast food), and I was disappointed to realize that I left the other half of my salad on the tray, which I intended to bring home for my husband on his late night and my son had tossed it in the trash with our other garbage as we were leaving... OOPs... sorry honey!  As we were slowly pulling out of the busy parking lot with the car windows down, a man called out to us to stop and look up in the sky... OMG! We pulled back into our spot and got out with many others staring up in the sky.

This is a photo of what we saw taken at dusk with my phone... the rainbow was so large I had to shoot it in three parts...
They need to be placed horizontally

The next day I found out that many people had seen it and my girlfriend had posted her photos on FB.

Just because I love to know, just know stuff about everything.  I looked up info about rainbows and even though you can't see it in these shots there was a very faint second rainbow above this one... so there were two rainbows the primary and secondary.  The secondary is fainter than the first and it's colors are reversed and more widely separated. "Light can be reflected more than once inside a raindrop.  Rays escaping after two reflections make a secondary bow", like in this shot from Atmospheric Optics website...
                                                    photo by www.atopics.co.uk

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  1. I saw the rainbow that night too....at Fat Fish in BayShore...