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Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Need To Look Only!

I need to look only this morning because I can't think much at all, better yet I can hardly move from sheer exhaustion... I threw a 'Girls Night' cocktail party last night... worked my buns off preparing for a week and did the hard labor all day yesterday!  No pity here, it was worth it and I enjoyed the company of old friends and new... it's just that I'll have to show you all the fabulous food including recipes next week, my head is pounding too much, even the sound of my iMac keyboard hurts... maybe it was those pomegranate mojitos that did me in... or the lemonade pie... or too much corn and shrimp salad... or picking at the peach and tomato salad after everyone left... or that last sip of Proseco...
Such a tease... is your mouth watering yet?

That's it... my left hand is so sore from SQUEEZING about 30 limes which is 60 halves... and chopping a shopping cart full of fresh produce!!!

Stay out of this heat today (NY) and cool off with some fresh fruit.

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  1. Stopping by from SITS, and I have to say... that salad looks tasty!